Montessori at Bethany


Dream Come True!

I absolutely LOVE Montessori at Bethany!! I'm a first time mom, my daughter is currently 18 months old and I stayed at home with her until she was 17 months old. I decided not to go back to work when she was born because I had a strong anxiety about putting her in day care. However when I relocated to TX I decided to look into being a "career mom" I researched A LOT of different day cares in the Allen area and was feeling hopeless because most places were either WAY out of my price range or just didn't leave me with a sense of security. Then I stumbled upon Montessori at Bethany. I spoke to Miss Singh and met with her that day and I INSTANTLY felt relaxed, secure and happy (maybe even a little excited) to enroll my daughter in this day care facility. Each and everyone one of their teachers/staff are so welcoming, friendly and give off a feeling of true love for children. They always welcome us in the morning when we arrive. They made this rough transition in our lives smooth and reassuring. My daughter LOVES it there!! She has learned many things and her love for singing and dancing has grown! There just isnt enough space here to express how truly happy I am with the day care, teachers and over all experience! I would recommend everyone I meet to, at the very least meet with the teachers!

Looks aren't everything!

I have a 3yr old daughter and 4yr old son that had stayed home with me for the first 3 years and then went to a at home day care for a very short time. They had a bad experience at the at home day care and were terrified to go to a new school, as where my husband and I. The first day was very difficult for all of us and I believe I called the Ms. Neetoo every 2 hours but each time she always answered with a warm greeting, was reassuring and uplifting.even when it got to the point when she had my number memorized. By day 3 I had stopped calling and the tears at the time of drop off had also stopped. The environment is very loving and caring, it was hard for me to let go but I can work without worrying about my children now. All the teachers are genuinely interest in the welfare of all the children and are always eager to listen to our concerns. We enjoy watching them grow every day because of the wonderful activities and excellent learning program they execute at Montessori at Bethany. I would highly recommend the school for the level of learning & personal care your child will be getting and he/she will feel at home. I look forward to my children spending many years at this great facility where they can learn in such a nurturing environment.


I have noticed a big change in my child's learning. She is eager to learn and is above her target range for her age group. Montessori at Bethany cares about my child and the directors do a great job in communicating with the parents.